Real Estate Spartanburg SC

Whether you’re a real estate agent or looking to buy or rent, the real estate market can be overwhelming if you do not have a basic understanding of the aspects of real estate. In the articles that follow, you’ll learn real estate terms, basics, and fundamentals.

GFCI Electrical Outlet Spartanburg SC

As always, home owner safety in Spartanburg is one of the home inspector's primary goals, and checking for the safe operation of electrical outlets for GFCI protection is one of the services home inspections provide!

HOA Rules Enforcement Guide Spartanburg SC

One of the functions of a homeowner association (HOA) is to enforce certain rules and covenants. It's good to periodically review old practices to confirm that your HOA runs an effective rules enforcement program.

Home Buying Agents Spartanburg SC

Whether it's the first time or the tenth, buying a home can be both an exhilarating and overwhelming experience. As with any major purchase, there's a significant amount of pressure to make the right decisions about such matters as where and what to buy, and ultimately how much to spend.

Online Real Estate Auction Tips Spartanburg SC

Online auctions offer both novice and experienced real estate buyers in Spartanburg a way to obtain under-valued properties. Below are a dozen tips from Bid4Homes, a leading online auction company, to help you successfully and profitably bid online for real estate.

Selling a Home in a Foreclosure Spartanburg SC

If you are currently in foreclosure in Spartanburg, strongly consider selling your property as a backup plan. The object is to pay off all debt and expenses, walk away without a foreclosure or bankruptcy on your credit history and perhaps put a little cash in your pocket to start over.