Intellisys Project Review Anderson SC

Intellisys features a wide array of collaboration features, which is essential to keeping everyone involved in your project current and on the same page. Without collaboration, no project management software can help groups and teams achieve project success.

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Intellisys Project Review

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TopTenREVIEWS - Silver Award - Awarded for excellence in design, useability and feature set

Intellisys, manufactured by Intellisys, Inc., lands our “TopTenREVIEWS Silver Award” because of its extensive list of features in all areas of project management, including collaboration, resource management, project management and ease of use. Though its help/support section could be more extensive, especially for beginning users, that still isn’t enough to outweigh its abundant freatures, functions and options.

Collaboration:  Excellent

Intellisys features a wide array of collaboration features, which is essential to keeping everyone involved in your project current and on the same page. Without collaboration, no project management software can help groups and teams achieve project success. Intellisys’ dashboard lets you choose between different users, letting each project manager view projects that are pertinent to his team of employees.

The project management software also includes team calendars and timelines to give you an overview of when the project is running ahead of or behind schedule. The software’s forums and email integration make it easy for project managers to communicate with team members and human resources involved in your project. Intellisys can also be integrated with our #1 product, Microsoft Project.

Resource Management:  Very Good

Although Intellisys lacks individual skill sets when it comes to resource management, the project management software does let you keep track of resource details (like resumes), email addresses and notes on each employee. Project managers can also combine human resources into groups, which lets you assign the best people to the right tasks. But you can’t import resources from outside lists, like address books or spreadsheets. All resource details must be entered manually into the project management software.

The project management software also lacks statistical reports and a risk/benefit analyzer, which can be useful when determining which resources are overbooked or underworked—key to effectively managing resources to their full potential.

Project Management:  Very Good

Intellisys boasts an extensive list of project management functions comparable with our #1 ranked project management software, Microsoft Project. Task management is a key function, which includes the capacity to add recurring tasks for weekly meetings or deadlines that must be met on a regular basis. Task management is further enhanced by the extensive scheduling options, such as calendars for a day-by-day breakdown of employee tasks, timelines for an overall view of the project, and events showing the milestones essential for project success.

Intellisys also lets you manage and keep track of material resources essential to project success, which includes costs. These two functions are vital for projects that must be kept within a certain budget.

Intellisys has a Gantt chart for a graphical view of your project and tasks to be completed, however it’s not interactive. This means if tasks need to be changed due to delays or early completion, you must enter the data manually into the task list.

Ease of Use:  Very Good

From setting up a project to inserting tasks and milestones, Intellisys is very easy to use. The spreadsheet-like task list lets you insert tasks entirely from your keyboard, eliminating the need to move the mouse around and click in every individual field. Creating milestones only takes the click of the button, which then organizes all tasks underneath it into that milestone’s timeframe.

The Gantt chart shares a window with your task list, but isn’t interactive, which would  be handy when updating tasks and milestones after delays occur. The various views (such as pie charts, PERT charts or WBS charts) of your project are available for customization, showing resource usage or task timeframes, and are accessible with the click of your mouse.

Help/Support:  Fair

This is where Intellisys falls short. With only general help, which includes phone and email support for specific questions, the project management software’s website offers forums for conversation between users, no FAQs for general questions, and no online demo video. However, Intellisys works on all recent Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.


Intellisys scores our #2 ranking due to its extensive list of project management features, including resource management and collaboration. The functions you need to make your project a success are easily accessible and simple to use. The project management software has a learning curve, but once you learn it, you’ll have little use for its help support—which is slim anyway.

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